Fans In Asia Booed Dwight Howard & Chanted "Kobe"

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NBA fans in the Philippines were understandably excited when members of the Rockets and Pacers touched down to play a pre season game in Manila.  After all, this is the first NBA game being played in the Philippines.  Jeremy Lin posted a pic of the fans going nuts at the airport when the Rockets touched down, but reports are coming out that not everyone Filipino fan was excited to see the Rockets.  

Dwight Howard has angered his fair share of NBA enthusiasts state side with his "indecision" jumping from Orlando to Los Angeles to Houston, and it appears distaste for D12 has travelled all the way to South Asia.  During the pre season game between the Rockets and Pacers reports have come out that several fans were booing Howard, and they even started chanting "Kobe" - Bryant being a long-time favorite of fans over in Asia.  


During the Rocketspreseason game on Thursday night against the Indiana Pacers, Howard was on the receiving end of some boos from the crowd at the Mall of Asia Arena.

There were also scattered chants of “Kobe! Kobe!” in reference to Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant, with whom Howard had a clash of personality during his one season stint in Los Angeles.

The pro-Kobe fans left happy as Howard only had 9 points on 3 of 9 shooting, and three rebounds while battling Pacers big Roy Hibbert, who also blocked Dwight three times. 





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