Ex-Pornstar Jessie Rogers Gives 6 Reasons To Hate The Heat

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Former pornstar, turned Youtube personality and aspiring singer, Jessie Rogers, recently went in on the Miami Heat in one of her video segments.   After the Heat won their second straight title, Rogers says it might be hard to continue hating on Miami, but she helps you out with 6 Reasons why you can still hate on LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and the Heat

It may surprise you, but Jessie Rogers drops some funny lines, such as making fun of D Wade’s penchant for falling on the floor after driving to the basket, and how he “pouts” when he doesn’t get a call:

He goes harder to the floor than he does to the basket...and he pouts like Lindsay Lohan when she runs out of cocaine in a club’s bathroom stall.    


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