Dwyane Wade's Convinced Birds Will Attack Him

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Fearless on the court, Dwyane Wade has a very intense real-life fear of birds, and proves it on his latest Instagram post. 

During an interview back in April, D Wade was asked if he had any irrational fears, and he admitted, "Birds. I’m petrified of birds. I got attacked by some once when I was in college. "  Now in an Instagram post, the Heat guard shows a group of birds, seagulls I think, perched on the dock outside his back door.  Wade half-jokingly says the birds are out there waiting for him to attack him.  


See, that's what I'm talkin' about right here. Look at all them birds. Look at all them outside waiting on me to come out. That's why I'm scared of birds.  Look at at 'em.  They like 'c'mon out here.'  They waiting on me. Nope, won't get me. 

I've seen a seagull swoop down and snatch a full hotdog out of a person's hand in a busy urban area.  


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