Dwyane Wade Feels Quickest He Has In 2 Years

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Last year during the Miami Heat's playoff run, Dwyane Wade at times showed severe signs of his athleticism leaving him, and as a result his game looking diminished.  He did follow up with some great performances, and gave just enough for the team to win their second straight title.   

After the Heat captured the title, there were whispers that they should look to move Wade as he was "washed up," and wouldn't be able to contribute enough to bring home another title.  Miami had no designs of moving any members of the Big 3 however, and now it's looking like WOW's (does anyone actually refer to him as this?) knees are feeling better than they have in some time and he is quicker than he's been the past two years.  


“I feel my speed is there, my training camp legs haven’t recovered yet so my lift isn’t where I want it to be,” Wade said. “My speed in open court is a lot better than the last two years. Just being stronger, being able to push off quicker, that’s there.” 

It's not just D Wade who's feeling the improvement, but LeBron has noticed the difference in his running mate too. 


“Just seeing his explosiveness, his quickness, lateral quickness everything,” James said. “He looks healthy, feels healthy and he shows it more than anything on his face when he’s healthy. That’s a great sign.” 


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