Dwight Howard Had Fan Arrested After Being Hit With Basketball Accidentally

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Dwight Howard had issues after the Rockets game at Staples Center Monday and had police detain a fan and pushed for him to be arrested. 

Playing the Clippers on Monday was Dwight's first return to Los Angeles since leaving the Lakers, and he said in an interview that he is understanding of fans hating on him.  He was understanding until going to the locker room on Monday following the Rockets' loss and a basketball hit him in the head, as he was passing through the tunnel to the locker room.  

The Rockets center became angry and sought out police on site and had them apprehend the basketball-throwing henchman. 


Multiple sources tell us ... the Houston Rockets star was walking toward the tunnel to the locker room at Staples Center after losing to the Clippers Monday night when a basketball came out of the stands and smacked him in the head.

We're told Dwight was furious ... believing whoever had the ball hurled it at him on purpose. Dwight immediately went to stadium security to report the incident and pushed for the offender to be arrested.

Sources say security found the person who had the ball -- a 22-year-old man -- and detained him inside the stadium to conduct an investigation. We're told the LAPD was also involved.

TMZ reports that the man who hit Dwight claims he was only holding a ball out to be autographed when he lost grip of it.  Upon reviewing the Staples Center security cameras the police ruled that it was indeed only an accident and let the man go.  

I can completely understand where Howard is coming from, following a tough loss in a city where you're not exactly beloved and then having a ball hit you would certainly infuriate me too, as you would only assume it was on purpose.  That being said, this will not be good for D12's image repair. 


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