Dwight Howard Disses Female Follower Hard On Twitter

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Dwight Howard has not always been the most forthright person, and this has brought on criticism from fans.  Often what Dwight says or does feels contrived – especially when he’s trying to be “funny” and ends up acting like an 8 year old hungry for attention.

Last night a female fan took a shot at D12 on Twitter, and instead of acting overly polite and diplomatic, the Rockets center channelled his inner J.R. Smith and went in on the girl. 

One fan took a shot at Mike D’Antoni, and Howard asked him to let it go.  To which a female follower trying to incite Dwight said, “u ain’t never getting a ring.” Then Howard put her on blast for her looks.



Surprisingly, and kind of amazingly, the tweet has yet to be deleted.  Could we actually be seeing a more aggressive D12 in Houston? 

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