Dwight Howard Beats James Harden In Free Throw Contest...Eyes Closed

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The most glaring weakness in Dwight Howard's game is his inability to make free throws.  It looks like Dwight may have found a way to improve this aspect of his game without even really looking.  

After practice on Tuesday, Howard asked new teammate, James Harden to participate in a free throw shooting contest.  On paper this looks like a massive disadvantage for D12, but he leveled the playing field by having them shoot with their eyes closed.  The Rockets center ended up not only winning the contest, but connecting on 8 of 10 shots.  Maybe he won't have to do anything drastic like shoot underhanded to improve his percentage next season. 


At the end of practice on Tuesday, Howard challenged James Harden to a free-throw shooting contest. Both players had to close their eyes to shoot. Howard won, hitting 8-of-10.

“I might have to start doing my eyes closed 8-10 in games,” Howard said. “I have a good percentage. I am 8 for 10 with my eyes closed.”


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