Durant Tells Blazers Hecklers To Shut Up

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Don't let Kevin Durant's calm demeanor and laid back attitude fool you, he's not afraid to step up and put someone in their place if need be.  

Last night the Thunder were in Portland taking on the Trail Blazers, and with OKC up 59-47 near the end of the second half, KD was called for a foul on Mo Williams which he disagreed with.  

As Durantula approached a referee to make his case, a "very vocal peanut gallery" (as the play-by-play guy described them), gave the Thunder forward an ear full.  This made Kevin turn around and tell them to shut up - and probably added a few more words.  To which the witty fans replied, "No, YOU shut up!  BOOOOO." 

At least he didn't give the finger to the crowd, or throw a ball to the hecklers like Dwight Howard.  

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