Drug Dealer Says Lamar Odom Freebases, Bought $50K In Drugs

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Lamar Odom is going through personal turmoil as he is battling addiction.  There were some positive signs last week, as his wife, Khloe Kardashian said she and the rest of Odom’s family were working with the NBA forward to work through his issues

Then early morning Friday, LO was hit with a DUI as he was pulled over for driving too slow on a highway.  Now a man who has asked to remain anonymous, says that he was Odom’s drug connect in New York

The man estimates that he alone has done $50,000 worth of business with Lamar over the past three years, and goes on to say that the former Laker prefers cocaine which he free bases. 


“I do not know anything about these new developments about him using pills. I do not know anything about that. The cocaine he fancies,” the man who requested his face and voice be disguised told the gossip site.

In “one sitting” this past February, the man said that Odom purchased $16,000 of cocaine from him. It was during that time that the man actually witnessed the basketball player smoking cocaine.

“I know it for a fact because I sold him the stuff and saw him smoke it,” the man said. ”He spent about 16 grand.”

Hotel staff at various locations around the country have also said that Odom would smoke drugs (freebase) in his hotel room.  He has been clearly troubled the past few seasons, and this would go a long way to explaining his on and off court issues.

Luckily, his family seems to be supportive, so hopefully Odom – who has always seemed like a genuinely good dude – can get the help he needs. 


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