Dr. J & Gary Payton Leave Michael Jordan Off Their Top 5

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The 2013 Hall Of Fame ceremony is this weekend, so Fox Sports had Julius “Dr. J.” Erving on to talk about some of the greatest players of all-time, and the current greats.  Among the best in the game today, Dr. J names LeBron James and Derrick Rose.  He then discusses the all-time greats, but leaves off who many consider to be the consensus Greatest Player Ever. 

There was some noise made a few weeks back when LeBron named his Top 3 All-Time and included the Doctor, but omitted Magic Johnson – which even prompted a response from Magic himself on Twitter.  Now Erving names his All-Time Starting 5 and actually leaves off Michael Jordan, naming Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, and Oscar Robertson. 


Then host Gary Payton names his All-Time Starting 5 and leaves Jordan off as well, saying Wilt, Kareem, Russell, Magic, and Dr. J. 

Dr. J’s list seemed to focus on his era, as none of the 80s/90s legends were included, or any modern great.  After saying earlier this week that he found John Stockton harder to guard than MJ, Payton continues to troll Jordan.   

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