Doc Rivers Defends Garnett & Pierce After LeBron Called Them Out

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Doc Rivers chimes in on LeBron James' comments that Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce leaving Boston was hypocritical, and says they were not because they were traded. 

LeBron James, and Dwyane Wade, both said that they thought Garnett and Pierce were hypocritical for calling out Ray Allen after he left Boston and then leaving the Celtics the next year themselves.  Garnett responded by basically telling them to mind their own business, and now former Cs coach, Doc Rivers, stands up for his former players. 

Rivers was the first to leave after he went to the Clippers, and says you can easily make a case about him leaving, but in regards to Pierce and Garnett, they were traded so it's completely different than when Allen left as a free agent


"Paul and Kevin were traded," Rivers said on "The Dan LeBatard Show" on Wednesday. "They were traded. Paul was traded whether he wanted to be or not. Kevin was the only one who had to agree to be traded even though he had already been traded. He had to agree to the trade. That's completely different."

Rivers has also been criticized for orchestrating his departure from Boston. He thinks the Heat have a better argument there.

"You could make more of a case for me leaving than on Paul and Kevin," an animated Rivers said before reiterating that Pierce's and Garnett's situation is "completely different" from Allen's.


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