Derrick Rose Will Return For Playoffs If Healthy

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Last season, while Derrick Rose recovered from his ACL injury, the Bulls put no official timetable on his return.  This led to backlash from fans and media who saw he was healthy enough to play, but not lacing up.  

Rose at the time was just not comfortable enough with his game to return to action until this season.  When he injured his meniscus a couple weeks ago, the franchise released a statement saying he was done for the season.  

The Bulls' franchise guard addressed the media today regarding his injury, and there seems to be some positivity within the organization as Rose's surgery was a success and 100 percent of his meniscus was repaired.  

He even said that if he was healthy, and in game-shape, he would play in this year's Playoffs.

Don't expect to see D Rose change his style of play whenever he does return, as he feels his first injury was a case of not taking proper care of himself, and this meniscus tear was a fluke. 

“That’s the way that I play,” Rose said. “I play a unique way of playing basketball and I can’t change that…

“I could tear or hurt myself 10 more times. I’m never going to stop.”


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