Derrick Rose Says It Will Be "Scary" When He Finds His "Groove"

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Derrick Rose says he's 100 percent healthy, but is still finding his rhythm on the court, and once he does it will be "scary" for the opposition. 

During his rehab process, Rose had told people that he was more explosive than before, and stronger then prior to his ACL injury.  He looked dominate in the preseason as each game he was playing with more confidence, and making sharper decisions.  The Bulls point guard shot a blistering 44 percent from behind the arc, and was finishing strong at the rim. 

Speaking about where his game is at right now, D Rose feels he can still control the game, but admits he's not fully "in his groove," and warns that when he does reach it that it's "going to be scary." 


“I bet I surprised a lot of people, but at the same time, I know how hard I worked in the offseason just to get back on the court,” Rose said. “My hard work is paying off. I’m not in my groove yet, but I’m still able to go out there and control the game a little bit. I guess when I get back into my groove, it’s really going to be scary.”


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