Derrick Rose's Full Press Conference, Talks About His Return

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We already brought a couple excerpts from Derrick Rose's first press conference since tearing his meniscus where he said he believes he'll return full strength and if healthy and ready would play in the Playoffs

Here's the full 21 minutes presser where Derrick describes his injury as a fluke, and is determined to come back the same player.  Rose says the injuries will not alter his game, and as long as he's rehabbing to his full ability, he could be injured ten times the same way and he'd still be happy. 

The Bulls point guard says winning a championship is still his main focus, and feels this recover will be easier than the ACL as he already has full range of motion and could put pressure on it. 

One interesting note in the presser comes from D Rose saying even if his knee is healthy he won't play in basketball games over the summer because he never does.  Now, I'd heard him say this before, but thought he just meant Summer League style games, but here he explains that the reason he doesn't play ball during the summer is because he doesn't want people to learn his game.  Rose believes that it's during pick up games that you can show your tendencies as a player, and he prefers to keep his game/moves as much a secret as possible.  

He was asked about the core of the Bulls being broken up, by possibly losing Deng, this summer to free agency.  The Bulls point says he hasn't thought about that, but knows he will not "recruit" players to join the Bulls.  Derrick thinks he can play with anyone, and if "you're a hooper" then you should be able to play together. 

The overall message of the press conference is that he's strong, resolute, and ready to come back as good as ever when fully recovered.  


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