Dennis Rodman Trains North Korea's Basketball Team

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 Coach Rodman just sounds disturbing, but its true. The worm has announced that he will be training North Korea's basketball squad. He has even organized an exhibition game to be played in January, to celebrate Kim Jong Un's birthday. 

 "Yes, I'm going to North Korea to train the basketball team," he told The Associated Press by phone. "I'm going to bring American players over there. Yes I am. I'm going to be the most famous person in the world when you see American people holding hands and hoping the doors can be opened. If they can. If they can. If they can. I'm going. I'm going back for his birthday. Special."

Though he won't reveal which former NBA players have confirmed to play in the exhibition, we can speculate as to who it might be. The starting 5 All-Rodman team should look like this come January;

Point Guard: Stephon Marbury. Last anyone heard from "Starbury" he was making creepy Youtube videos and eating vaseline or something. A perfect fit to be the court general on The Worm's squad. 

Shooting Guard: Allen Iverson. Though Iverson is loved in the states and has cleaned up his act a bit, he is still a first ballot All-Rodman team starter. If we're putting together the most unpredictable backcourt, and we are, Marbury and Iverson are the perfect duo. 

Small Forward: Antoine Walker. 'Toine has fallen on tough times since he last played in the NBA. That is reason enough to believe he'd jump at the opportunity to get back on the court with some of the other ex-NBA "greats." Even if the game is merely an exhibition in North Korea, Walker will show up to drop some 'Toine bombs and shimmy shakes.

Power Forward: Dennis Rodman. Of course he's going to play in the exhibition game. No way Rodman missed an opportunity to showcase his sweet rebounding skills in front of his North Korean faithful. 

Center: Rasheed Wallace. This front court will strike fear into the North Korean exhibition team. Sheed will be screaming "Ball Don't Lie" with every missed free throw, and nobody will know what he's talking about. A brawl might break out, but what's a Dennis Rodman sponsored exhibition without some fisticuffs?


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