Dennis Rodman Was Drunk, Vomitting, And Peeing All Over North Korea

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Reports are out that Dennis Rodman completely lost control while in North Korea, even by his standards. According to South Korean newspapers; 

Rodman was drunk the whole week of his stay. And the night before he left for the U.S., he was drunk unconscious, and vomited everywhere he turned. He even urinated and emptied the bowels in the hallway,’ a source told Free North Korea Radio. ‘The stench was just horrible and people are criticizing not only Rodman, but also Kim Jong-un saying that, “No one in a right mind would be a friend with Rodman. An animal that he is,”’ the source said.; 

Dennis Rodman, ladies and gentlemen. Just when you think stories of the "The Worm" can't go any further off the deep end, he plunges down into the murky pits of hell, vomiting and pissing all the way down. He has since checked himself into a rehab, but these stories never die. 

At this point, it's not even like he's giving Americans a bad look. Everybody in the world understands this guy is in a class of his own, cut from a very different cloth. Alien cloth. 


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