D'Antoni Says Politics Made Him Run Offense Through Dwight

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Looking back on last year, Lakers coach Mike D'Antoni says the offense went through Dwight Howard because of politics. 

The Lakers are hoping that Pau Gasol can bounce back from an injury-plagued (and Dwight-filled) season, and contribute as one of the best big men in the league again.  With Steve Nash already slowed up with injuries, coach D'Antoni is hopeful that his offense can run through Pau.  It's no secret that last year their offense could falter at times, and D'Antoni has hinted a couple times that having to force-feed Howard was the issue

Now, with the former Lakers center gone, the head coach wants to have a steady diet of Gasol downlow to initiate the offense, and says that had it not been for "politics"  he would've ran more sets through Pau last season as well. 


“It was very uncomfortable,” D’Antoni said about the Howard-Gasol dynamic last season. “I knew I was messing on (Gasol) last year. That’s not fair to him. But that was the situation we were in. How do we make the best of it? I was just trying to make the best of it. But no, it wasn’t fair to him.

“I think it was all (politics). It was all that. We wouldn’t do that (normally). If nobody had names on their jerseys, and we were just playing? You go through Pau. There’s not a question. No question.


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