Damian Lillard Is One Of Nicest Guys In NBA

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The reigning NBA Rookie Of The Year, Damian Lillard, surprised many with how well his game translated to the NBA right away.  Portland is hoping that both he and LaMarcus Aldridge can be the building blocks for their future. 

Dame has not let the success get to his head, and after feeling he was slightly rude to a fan, he found the fan on Twitter and made up to him by meeting up with him one-on-one for a photo op.   Fifteen year old Siros Ardestani, saw Lillard in a mall and asked for a photo, but the Blazers point guard said he was busy shopping.  Feeling remorseful, he posted on Twitter, and the fan responded that it was alright. 

The great part is that Damian really wanted to make amends and send a message to young Siros to meet him.  Later that day they did, and Lillard posted a photo of the two on his own Twitter account.  


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