Clippers, Bulls, Lakers On Carmelo's Short List

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 Carmelo Anthony does not want to be the next Stephon Marbury. This fear could push him out the door come free agency next season.

Marbury was at the Knicks game on Christmas Day, and was heckled by fans who spotted him. Melo realizes that Marbury is the face of the disappointing years the Knicks went through, and he doesn't want to be next.

Melo has already received a brunt of the criticism from media and fans alike. He recently lashed out on twitter to a fan who voiced his disappointment in Melo. Melo responded with a hilarious tweet, but it showed the heckling is getting under his skin.

This is why, according to a source, Melo has Chicago and LA on his short list of destinations to scope out once he becomes a free agent. Of course, if the Knicks can land another big name, like Kevin Love, it's reasonable to believe all this speculation is for nothing.

If he does leave, he will be in the same class as Stephon Marbury, in severely disappointing Knicks careers.


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