Childish Gambino Recorded His New Album At Chris Bosh's Mansion

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Chris Bosh gets a lot of flack for unknowingly making funny faces during photos, and generally giving off the wrong impression, but recently he was involved in something cool as Childish Gambino recorded his latest album at Bosh's house. 

Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, is gearing up for his new LP Because The Internet which is dropping December 10th, and reveals in a new interview with Tim Westwood that he recorded the album at Chris Bosh's house.  

Well, that's a little misleading, as the Pacific Palisades home is indeed owned by the Heat forward, but he mainly just rents it out for $45,000 a month, and he was never present while Gambino was recording.  

"Me and my friends rented a house," he told Westwood. "It was Chris Bosh's mansion. I shouted him out before. We stayed there, and we just ate s'mores and, like, made songs and stuff like that."

That's too bad, because sitting around eating s'mores sounds exactly like the kind of relaxing Bosh would enjoy. 


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