Chandler Parsons Gives Love Tips To Girls In Seventeen Magazine

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This is definitely up there with the most awkward posts I've made on the site.  Rockets forward, Chandler Parsons - the one with the great hair that everyone tries to emulate in that Relativity video - is apparently something of a heart throb for female NBA fans.  

For some reason, he chopped it up with Seventeen magazine, who described Parsons as "a total stud" and asked him to give some "sneaky" love tips.  He explains that he doesn't like it when a girl is aggressive, or wears too much make-up, but is a fan of friends who openly admit they want to date.  

Now that the Rockets have Dwight Howard and are viewed as legitimate title contenders, expect to see Chandler's face popping up in more random places. 


Let the guy be the aggressor! Guys love confidence, but too much can be mistaken for aggressiveness. Let him come to you instead! “If a girl came up to me and asked me out, that’s a little forward,” he said. “Guys like it when girls play hard to get!”

His biggest turn-off: Chandler advises not wearing too much makeup—guys think it’s overdone. “I like a girl with natural beauty.” But his number one beauty pet peeve? girls who wear bright red lipstick! “I don’t know if it’s because then you can’t kiss her, but I like a more natural look.”

How to move out of the friend zone: If you start to develop feelings for a guy friend, Chandler says to just be open with him and let him know! “Open up to him and explain what’s happening. Tell him how you feel.”


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