Carmelo Anthony Says Kobe Won't Recruit Him To Lakers

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Talking about possibly going to the Lakers, Carmelo Anthony says Kobe Bryant won't recruit him. 

Carmelo Anthony has said that he wants to test free agency when his contract is up as he's never been a free agent before.  He wants to experience the "wooing" process, and of course get the most money he can.  Although he's told the fans in New York he doesn't plan on leaving, there is still wild speculation that Melo will join Kobe on the Lakers

The Knicks leading scorer was asked if he expect Bryant to try and recruit him to L.A., but Melo says Kobe is his friend and respects him too much to put pressure on him like that. 


Carmelo Anthony says he doesn’t expect his friend Kobe Bryant to recruit him to come play for the Lakers.

“No, I think Kobe respects me as a ballplayer, as a person, as a friend, so I don’t think none of them phone calls will be coming next,” Anthony said Friday after practice.

Technically, Bryant or any other player can’t tamper with Anthony during the season, but that wouldn’t stop Anthony from considering playing alongside Kobe. And it would be hard to demonstrate that the two had been in touch during the season anyway.

As it stands now, if I had to guess I'd say Anthony stays in NY for the money, but if the Knicks completely fall short this year with something like a first round Playoff exit then you can expect Carmelo to seriously consider bolting.


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