Carmelo Anthony Says He Wants To Retire A Knick

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There's been plenty of talk about Carmelo Anthony possibly leaving money on the table and bolting from the Knicks following this season, but he says he's staying. 

The conflicting information comes from the fact that Melo says he's becoming a free agent, but assures fans he wants to stay in New York.  Rumors saying that he will leave for the Lakers have been semi-silenced since Anthony has came out and said he wants to recruit players to New York, and he has his personal rolodex ready to try and get big name free agents to join him on the Knicks. 

In an interview yesterday, last year's leading scorer says he appreciates everything his team did to bring him there, and his intention is to retire a Knick. 


“They pulled all of the strings to get me here, and I wanted to be here. And, I want to retire in New York, I mean, let’s just be quite frank.”

How the Knicks close out this season could dictate a lot.  A first or second round exit could be the difference in swaying Melo to leave, although popular opinion is he'll stay for the added money the Knicks can offer him. 


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