Brandon Jennings Says The Game "Sucker Punched" Him

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Reports came out yesterday that during Brandon Jennings' birthday party at Lure night club he and rapper The Game got into an altercation over using the DJ's mic and Jennings was punched in the face.  

The new Pistons point guard posted on Twitter yesterday that he was indeed hit, but calls out the Compton rapper for his "sucker punch" and posted a photo to show his face is still fine.  


This incident is reminiscent of last year when The Game got into a fight with another rapper, 40 Glocc. That was a more intense beef, and the Jesus Piece rapper posted a video of the fight on a webpage he created, which prompted 40 Glocc to share a post-fight photo showing he was no worse for wear. 

Surprisingly, The Game has been quiet on Twitter about the incident.  

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