Brandon Jennings Says Kobe Is Greatest Ever

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Always controversial Pistons' point guard, Brandon Jennings, has made a definitive stance in the 'Greatest Ever' debate, and he's explained himself as only one can- via a twitter rant. 

Jennings, who is certainly entitled to his opinion no matter how much molly he is popping in the club, dubbed Kobe Bryant the 'greatest ever' over Michael Jordan, and here is his reasoning. #FactsOnly 

The debate can, and probably will, go on forever. MJ, or Kobe, or LeBron, or Magic, or Dr J, or Bill Russell, or any other NBA legend can be disputed as the best player ever depending on how you spin it. 

Personally, it's MJ and then everyone else- but let us know where you stand on this matter. MJ or Kobe?

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