Bradley Beal Hits Game Winner Vs. Knicks

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A lot of things to look at here. First, it's clear Beno Udrih was looking for help on Bradley Beal. There is no way on God's green Earth he could've been expected to stay in front of Beal in an isolation situation. Secondly, FOUL! The Knicks had a foul to give. You can't just let a man drive to the hoop unimpeded when you have fouls to give.

Thirdly, after the Knicks allow the basket there is about 7 seconds on the clock. The Knicks had 3 timeouts. A timeout would advance the ball into the front court. Nobody calls time out.

Lastly, Carmelo gets the ball and waltzes up the court. No urgency. Poor decision making all around from the Knicks. Mike Woodson seat is heating up. Sizzling, scorching lava hot. 

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