A Blake Griffin-Carmelo Anthony Trade Is Rumored

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 The New York Knicks, who fear losing Carmelo to free agency next year, have internally discussed trading the polarizing star for Blake Griffin. Though the clubs have not spoken to one another about a possible trade, the Clippers have also internally discussed sending Blake to NY.

Griffin is right on his career average of 20 & 10, but his lack of creativity on offense would worry me, as a Knicks fan. About 65% of Blake's shot attempts come from right around the rim. The Knicks don't have a stellar point guard a la Chris Paul to set Blake up with such easy shots, so he'd be forced to create his own. This is worrisome. 

Sources believe that the Clips are leaning towards keeping Blake, despite the potential powerhouse that Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony could become. Of course, Melo's impending free agency means he'll have to OK any trade before it goes through, but the Clips are on his short list of desired teams. 

It's all speculation for now, but certainly something to keep an eye on. 


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