Best Memes And Photoshops From The NBA Free Agency

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The NBA free agency period officially began a few days ago on July 1st. Carmelo Anthony is currently touring the country, with NBA teams and owners tripping over themselves to make their best pitch to the All-Star forward. All three of the Miami Heat stars, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and LeBron James, have opted out of the last year of their contracts, making them all viable free agents as well. 

In this time of uncertainty, speculation and rumors will fly, with fans eagerly awaiting an official word from Chris Broussard that their favorite player is coming to town. In the meantime, all of the lofty hopes and dreams make for some solid memes and photoshops that have taken the internet by storm in the past few days. Take a look at some of the best that social media had to offer;

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