Awesome: Otto Porter Buys Homeless Man Lunch & Eats With Him

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The NBA has a fair number of overall great dudes that help out in the community through charities, and also day-to-day good dude deeds.  Just this past summer we saw Rookie of the Year, Damian Lillard, track a fan down on Twitter after he was unavailable to give him an autograph, and JaVale McGee dropping off $100 bill by a homeless man's side.  

Third overall pick in this year's draft, new Washington Wizard, Otto Porter Jr. is the latest to join the ranks of NBA Good Dudes.  A Letter To The Editor ran in the Washington Post which tells a story of how Porter saw a "disheveled" man outside a sandwich shop asking people for food, so he bought the man a meal and stuck around to shoot the breeze while he ate.  This is all around fantastic stuff right here.  Great example set by the young millionaire. 


On Friday, during a very stressful week for Washington, I looked to escape the madness for 30 minutes on what was a warm fall afternoon. I was reading The Post and eating a quick lunch at a table outside a local sandwich shop while a disheveled homeless man sat nearby, persistently and unsuccessfully asking anyone who walked by if he or she could “spare a sandwich.”

After about 25 minutes, Otto Porter Jr., the Georgetown basketball star and the Washington Wizards’ newest first-round draft pick, drove up, hopped out of his car and entered the shop. Mr. Porter soon exited with his sandwich and drink — but also with a sandwich, a bag of chips and a drink for the homeless man. Mr. Porter then sat down next to the man, and they both enjoyed their sandwiches while making small talk.


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