Andre Iguodala's Ridiculous Behind The Back Pass & Hits 7 3-Pointers

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Andre Iguodala went off for 27 points in the first half against the Sixers last night, and also connected on a career high 7 three pointers, but all of that pales in comparison to this ridiculous behind the back pass Iggy pulls off.  Klay Thompson enters the ball on the wing to Andre who decides to go Harlem Globetrotters on the play and in one motion catches the ball and whips a 23 foot behind the back pass to David Lee who had his man sealed and finishes the play.  It was just that kind of night for the Warriors who ended up running away with this one.  

Make sure to also check out the video of Iguodala hitting his 7 three pointers.  Guess being in the gym with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson can really pay dividends on your stroke. 


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