Andre Drummond & Jennette McCurdy Finally Meet In Person

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Andre Drummond had made his crush on Nickelodeon actress, Jennette McCurdy very public by posting photos of her on #WCW (Women Crush Wednesdays.)  Eventually, fans of ‘Dre started reaching out to McCurdy, and the two eventually linked up on Twitter. 

The tweeted back and forth and made tentative plans to meet up during the season, and Drummond would get McCurdy tickets to a game

Recently the two met up, and McCurdy posted a picture of them on Twitter, and Drummond put up a photo of the iCarly actress on his back with the description, "words can't explain add your own caption." Then Jennette posted a photo of her wearing Andre's hat, "going to bed happy wearing my had from @andredrummond."  


Think what you will, but the Pistons big man made a reference on Twitter that people were blowing it out of proportion.  Just two 19/20 year olds hanging out, and having fun together.  I think most men, if they had the social media pull to get some one-on-one time with McCurdy would probably jump at the chance. 

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