Andre Drummond Dunks On Girls & Gets Dunked On By Them

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The best Summer League player in the world, Andre Drummond, went to a trampoline play area and worked on his Slam Ball skills of dunking while using a trampoline.  He posted several vids, including one of him imitating a classic Tracy McGrady two hand reverse – popularized in the 2000 Dunk Contest



In Orlando Summer League, Dre dominated the Miami Heat and threw down some vicious dunks, but unfortunately for him was on the wrong end of a monster follow dunk.  At the trampoline house, he found himself again on the wrong side of a poster as a young girl dunked all over him. 


These Instagram videos are awesome, and hopefully we see more like this, but can’t imagine that the Piston’s top brass enjoy seeing their franchise big man mess around on trampolines.  

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