8 Best Rap Songs By NBA Players This Season

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Kevin Durant the Oklahoma City Thunder All Star has more than just a smooth jump shot. Under the alias of “Sniper Jones”, Durant has spent the last few years making tracks with other NBA players including Stephen Jackson, and established rappers such as Tsu Surf. Many of Durant’s songs include his friend and fellow rapper Privaledge.   

A few months ago Durant released a track entitled “Rolls Royce” in which he raps “my dreams coming true for wishing/ my money coming in like they pay me that tuition/ swag what they talkin’ man, I’m the definition/ and I’m in a different class like I’m sitting in detention.”  KD has expressed interest in releasing a full-length mixtape in the near future.   


Due to a knee injury, Lou Williams is currently a sidelined swingman for the Atlanta Hawks, and is arguably the best rapper on the list. Williams has recorded, and released numerous videos on Youtube. Each of his videos has received enough views to rival many other up and coming rappers. 

Recently Lou recorded a song with Meek Mill entitled “Give It To ‘Em.” In the song Williams raps “18 lost my pop, too many years he’s gone missing/ my B mind gone that Alzheimers shit ridiculous/ bright lights and flights/ see what life will bring you.”  Fans of Lou Williams will have to wait to see if he will pursue his rap dream more seriously, and release an album.     


Iman Shumpert the current New York Knicks contributor has slowly made himself a name in the rap game. Shumpert who sometimes raps under the moniker of 2wo 1ne recently released a mix tape entitled “Th3 #Post90s” to much praise. Out of all the NBA players on this list, Shumpert may be taking rap the most seriously.     

Shumpert released “Anarchy” featuring rapper Phlyy B. Currently on Youtube, the music video for the song has over 100, 000 views and mostly positive reviews. On the song Shumpert raps “two in one, who is son? I always get it done/ every track is read wrong, backwards ruler thumb/ I ain’t giving my number out, cause I know that I ain’t gonna answer/ but why is somebody so crazy be surprised if she ain’t no dancer.” Once the playoffs are finished, hip hop fans can expect more songs from Iman Shumpert.


Carlos Boozer who currently plays for the Chicago Bulls has had a solid NBA career as a power forward, and is noted for his guttural screams and shouting during games. Recently he, alongside fast flowing rap legend Twista and R&B singer Mario Winans, released “Winning Streak: Bulls Anthem.” If one positive thing can be said about this track is that Twista had a solid verse. 

On the cut, Boozer rhymes “dream it, believe it, do it, let’s go/ already know I cross ‘em over, take it to the hole/ look back, thank God, look forward, trust God/ that’s why when I’m in the paint you know I go hard.”  


Metta World Peace has been around the rap game for some time. Who can forget his cameo in Nasir's “Nas is Like” video? In between being the Lakers’ go-to enforcer, World Peace raps under the alias of Tru Warrior, and may surprise some with his talent on the mic.     

To date, World Peace has released an under the radar album and a popular single entitled “Champions” which celebrates the Lakers’ most recent Championship run. Not only has World Peace proved to be a capable anthem rapper he has also released socially conscience music such as “Afghan Women.”  

On the track "Champions," World Peace raps “I beat the buzzer baby/ my stroke is hole in one/ you see the checker flag/ finish line here I come.”  Once the playoffs are over for the Lakers, expect to hear more material from Tru Warrior. 


Captain Jack is no joke on the court (just ask the lovely people of Detroit), and is also serious on the mic.  Performing under the name of “Stak5” he released his first mixtape entitled “What’s A Lockout?”  He's even collaborated with established trill artists like Bun B and Scarface.

A few months ago, Jackson released a remix of G.O.O.D. Music's “Clique”. On the track, Jackson raps “Shine harder than sparkles that sit on the top of liquor/ waitress bring to my table she know I’m a big tipper/ diamonds on my neck that resembles the big dipper/ my pockets is looking fat as the back of a thick stripper.”  After being unceremoniously cut by the Spurs, expect Stak5 to spend some more time on the mic. 


The NBA's Sixth Man Of The Year, is loose on the court and in the booth, and dropped the track "So Right."  which treads the line between rapping and singing in an interesting way. The song almost has an early 90’s feel with boom bap drums, organ, and all.   

A notable line from the track: “I’m a volume shooter/ they told me I need a permit for the scooter/ I love Novak but it if it wasn’t for me he’d be driving a Buick/ my own pet panda don’t reprimand her.” Smith’s song is humorous and definitely worth a listen. For entertainment purposes, fans would love for J.R. Smith to release another one. 


Indiana Pacers George Hill has recently joined the group of NBA players/ aspiring rappers with his remix of Trinidad Jame$ viral sensation “All Gold Everything”, and even got a feature from Mike Epps.

Local Indiana news reports that the song was more for comical purposes than an attempt to propel Hill into the rap game, as he raps, “I started from the bottom, 34th is my home/ my jump shot is too sweet and it taste just like longs/ a trey ball or layup, to me its all the same/ it feels like the west rink when I’m skating all these lanes."  Will be interesting to see Hill follows up with another tune if the Pacers get bounced from the playoffs by the Knicks or Heat.           


From Shaquille O' Neal to Allen Iverson, and onto Ron Ar...Metta World Peace the NBA has been home to many aspiring rappers - some rap ventures have been more successful than others.  The new crop of NBA players is full of budding emcess, some good and others, well you know.

Some of these players catch wreck on the mic, and you probably already heard their tracks: guys like Iman Shumpert and Lou Williams.  While others may surprise you that they put down lyrics on wax: Carlos Boozer, and George Hill.  With varying degrees of talent, here is the list of the 8 Best Rap Songs By NBA Players in the 2012-2013 Season. 


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