3 Lakers Buy A Cow, Butcher It For Steak

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New Laker Chris Kaman is contributing in a unique "team building exercise" as he, and fellow big man Robert Sacre have purchased a cow with the team's strength and conditioning coach, Tim DiFranceso.  

Not looking to raise the bovine as a pet, the three are having it sent to a butcher and in total will be divvying up 400 pounds of beef.  Kaman will receive half (200 pounds,) after Gary Vitti had to withdraw for lack of freezer space, with Sacre and DeFrancesco getting a quarter each.  


The three of them are going in together on a full cow's worth of beef after it's been to the butcher, or approximately 400 pounds of cuts of meat for their freezers. 

DiFrancesco, who has picked up the nickname "Grass-Fed Tim" around the team because of his belief in the health benefits of eating grass-fed beef, came up with the idea after connecting with a farm that raises grass-fed cows down in San Diego. 

Kaman is getting half, 200 pounds, while Sacre and DiFrancesco are getting a quarter, 100 pounds, each. 

Taking in 200 pounds is a lot of beef especially considering Kaman hasn't eaten any cow in six years.  Apparently, this is because he likes to avoid the hormones and steroids in traditional beef, and has little to do with his morals on killing animals.  Kaman's love of hunting has been well-documented in various photos before.  Looking to use every bit of the animal which they can, the new Lakers center will even take its bones.  


"I don’t like all the hormones and steroids," Kaman said of his six-year abstinence from eating beef. "I’m not against how they kill the animals. I’m more against the way that they put the steroids and the hormones in there, and then we’re getting that in our bodies when we eat it."  [...] 

"I’m going to get a bunch of the bones, too, and boil them down and make some beef stock," Kaman said. "It’s good for your joints and ligaments and tendons." 


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