2005 Commercial Shows Heat Fans Leaving Game Early, Denied Re-Entry

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Following the Game of the Year, and one of the most classic Finals games of all-time, Game 6 of this year’s Finals, I posted an article title “Terrible Heat Fans Leave Early, Denied Re-Entry.”  As you’ll recall, scores of Miami fans left in the waning minutes of Game 6 as it looked like the Spurs were about to win the championship.  Of course a couple missed free throws, a timely offensive board, and Ray Allen’s “shot” happened.  Thousands of fans tried to rush back in to American Airlines Arena, but they were not allowing re-entry. 

Hilariously enough, Phil Jackson had recorded a commercial back in 2005 for Toyota that depicted two Heat fans leaving a Game early to “beat traffic” only to hear the call on the radio that their team came back, and in a case of art imitating life (and life imitating art), they were denied.   

The commercial aired during Game 6 of the 2005 Finals, between the Spurs and Pistons, ya that one. 

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