2 Rockets Fans Wore Harden & Howard Jerseys Courtside To Troll OKC, Had To Take Them Off

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The topic of James Harden is a sore one in Oklahoma City after they traded him away last season only to see him develop into arguably the best two guard in the NBA.  Now teamed with Dwight Howard in Houston, Harden and the Rockets are a formidable for the Thunder in the West. 

Last night two fans decided to ignore decorum and wore their Rockets jerseys while sitting courtside.  One dude had on a Dwight Howard Rockets jersey, and the other had a red Rockets Dwight jersey.  

This brought the attention of Kevin Durant and Thabo Sefolosha who gave the fans an earful for their wardrobe choice.  Even owner Clay Bennett took exception, and eventually the two relented and took the jerseys off.  

It should be noted that last night the Thunder played the Nuggets, so there wasn't any real need to wear a Rockets jersey while sitting courtside unless you wanted to troll Thunder players/fans/owners.  The two kids claim that one of their father's gave them a tickets on the condition that they wore those jerseys. 

Check out how it unfolded on Twitter from as recapped by BeyondTheBuzzer


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