12 Hottest NBA Wives Of Current Players

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Grammy Nominated Tamia Hill is the lovely wife of Clippers veteran, Grant Hill. Talented and beautiful, that's two buckets for Mr. Hill. 

Ayesha Alexander is as hot as her husband is skilled.  With the line of athletic, and fresh-faced genes in the family, you can expect their kids to be unstoppable no matter what field they choose. 

Hawks star Al Horford's wife, Amelia Vega Polanco, in 2003 was the first Dominican woman to be named Miss Universe, and tough to argue with the judges selection of this stunning beauty.  

Vanessa Bryant has always been beautiful, and she is the reigning ride-or-die chick of basketball wives , without a doubt. She has stood by her man through thick and thin and a rape trial. 

Zuleyka Jerrís Rivera Mendoza is a Puerto Rican beauty queen and actress who held the titles Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2006 and Miss Universe 2006. She made her debut as a telenovela actress in Telemundo's soap opera Dame Chocolate.  While the two are technically married, they've been together for some time and have a child, so as long as J.J. doesn't mess anything up they should be together for awhile. 

Not satisfied with having only one of the hottest wives in NBA history, J Kidd doubled down after his marriage with Juwanna ended and snatched up this ridiculous beauty.   

Leandro Barbosa of the Pacers sure outdid himself with this beautiful Brazilian bombshell. She was even featured in the pages of Playboy. 

J.J. Redick signed a sweet contract with his hot little sweetheart. This Florida 10 is the reason Redick is nailing those 3’s, and she has a twin.

Even Lil Wayne is name-dropping Chris Bosh’s hottie wife. She kind of has a tiny Mariah Carey thing going on there. 

Oh Landry, you are blessed to play in the NBA, and even more blessed to wake up each sunny morning next to the luscious Elaine Alden. You are lucky and I want to punch you. 

MJ isn't an active player but afterall, he is MJ.  I'll be honest, I would marry Michael Jordan. Who wouldn’t?  Plus he is the owner of the Bobcats and rumors floated around his 50th birthday that he was considering a comeback.  

Marko Jaric is no longer in an active NBA player, but how could we leave out his jackpot wife! Adriana Lima is a Victoria's Secret model and global superstar.  Even long after leaving the NBA, Jaric is still winning. 

Winning the genetic lottery, and putting in the work to make it to the NBA has its advantages: wealth, status, early retirement – and the incalculable perks that come along with all of these.  Players are overwhelmed by groupies, and other young ladies looking to climb the social (and fiscal) ladder by hooking up with them.  Eventually, NBA players decide to settle down and find a wife – but not just any ol’ Plain Jane. 

Here are 10 of the Hottest Wives of Current NBA Players, plus two retired players spouses that needed to be included.

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