10 Players Who Take More Shots Than LeBron James

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LeBron James is averaging 15.8 shots per game so far this season. In total, there are 23 players in the league that average the same or more shots. That's a staggering number of players who feel the need to chuck up more shots than the best player on the planet.

Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, and Kevin Love all average more field goal attempts than James, but nobody is complaining about that.

Even guys like Kyrie Irving, Paul George, and the Splash Brothers get a pass for shooting more than LeBron because it's out of necessity. But these 10 guys should consider throttling it back, because they shouldn't be shooting as much as King James;

DeMar DeRozan: 17.7

Evan Turner: 17.2

Rudy Gay: 17.1

DeMarcus Cousins: 17.0

Al Jefferson: 16.5

Montana Ellis: 16.1

Ryan Anderson: 16.0

Blake Griffin: 16.0

Kemba Walker: 15.9 

Arron Afflalo: 15.8 


Rudy Gay and DeMarcus Cousins now play on the same team, so it'll be interesting to see how their shot distribution shakes out moving forward. Blake Griffin, though? There is no way Blake Griffin should be putting up more shots than LeBron James.

Aaron Afflalo and Kemba Walker are having solid years, but there is no GM that wants those guys hoisting up as many shots as LeBron. Evan Turner? Give me a break. The 76ers aren't a good team, but if Evan Turner is jacking up that many shots, he's part of the problem. We all know Mont'a Ellis' game, so it's no surprise he made the list. And how about RYAN ANDERSON!?

Maybe this is a testament to LeBron's unselfishness. Or maybe it's an eye opener as to how many players in the league are in it for the personal stats. One thing is for certain, the teams that these guys play for are not very good. Another thing, very few players in the league deserve to be shooting more than LeBron, and these guys are not on that short list.

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