10 Best Jump Shooters In The NBA

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In a few short seasons, Ryan Anderson has turned from a role player to a major contributor. Currently playing for the New Orleans Pelicans (should have stuck with Hornets) he has become a pure shooting threat from both behind the arc, and from mid-range territory. Last year he was the NBA’s most improved player, and 3-point leader. Though his shooting percentage has gone down a little this season, he’s still making his opponents pay for leaving him open.     

Most guys picked at the end of the second round of the NBA draft are never expected to stick around for too long. But Kyle Korver’s unflinching confidence in his 3 ball has helped him find his niche in the league, and make millions of dollars. Korver was at his best when he was playing for the Jazz, but his numbers in Atlanta aren’t too shabby either. He is currently averaging about 11 points a game while shooting 45 percent from behind the arc.

Kevin Martin possesses the type of unorthodox jump shot that makes you question how it ever falls through the net. In only two seasons, Martin went from averaging two points a game to 20 a night. Though he’s no longer the top guy on his team  he is a better position to win rings, which is what its all about anyways. This year playing for the Thunder he’s averaging 14 points a game while shooting a career best of 42 percent from 3 point land.

Though probably known a little better for his ridiculous handles then his pure shooting ability, Kyrie Irving’s jump shot is no joke - as witnessed when he took home the win at this year's 3 Point Competition. In only his second year in the league, he’s currently averaging 22 points a game with a shooting percentage of 45 percent. Though his shooting percentage has dwindled from last season, Irving is already proving himself to be one of the brightest young stars in the league today.

Coming straight out of Italy, Danilo Gallinari is possessed with the fundamental skills that define European basketball. After only one season with the Knicks, Gallinari found his 3 point stroke, and it's been buckets ever since. He’s currently in his third season with the Nuggets, wrecking havoc throughout the league with his laser precision from any spot on the floor.  

Even after a couple sub-par years (by his future Hall Of Fame standards) how could Dirk not make this list?  When you can consistently make jump shots off of one foot, you have a serious ratchet. Dirk Notwitzki, in his 15th year in the league is not scoring like he once did, but nevertheless he’s still making a major impact on the league. Dirk may not be one of the best shooters this season, but he is one of the greatest of all time, and simply for that reason he deserves to make this list. 

Even Michael Jordan has placed Kevin Durant in the conversation as the best player in the league. KD can do it all, and standing at 6 foot 9 he probably shouldn’t be able to shoot with the accuracy usually reserved for smaller guard types. In his six seasons in the NBA, Durant has yet to average under 20points a game. If that wasn’t enough to make this list, he is also currently averaging his career best 3 point, and free throw percentage.

Dirk isn’t the only one who can shoot accurately off one foot. Steve Nash blessed with handles for days and pinpoint passing accuracy also possesses a mean jump shot. While playing for both Dallas, and Phoenix, Nash averaged a ridiculous amount of assists while still finding time to score from all over the court, in a high percentage way. Though Nash had a sub-par season, his past resume makes him worthy of the number three spot.

Ray Allen aka Jesus Shuttlesworth or one of the best three point shooters in NBA history. Throughout his NBA career, Allen has gone from a do everything, run and gun player to a precision three point specialist with a lightning quick release. This season in Miami, Allen isn’t getting the playing time that he is used to, but he is still averaging big numbers as a role player for the Heat. His three point, field goal, and free throw percentages this season have continued to uphold the high expectations expected of one of the greatest shooters of all time.     

I know you’ve been waiting for this. You either knew that Stephen Curry was going to be number one, and you agree or you must think that I have no idea what I am talking about. After undergoing surgery last season, Curry has bounced back in prime fashion. This season he’s averaging 22 points a game while shooting 45 percent from the arc.  Heralded by many, including coach Mark Jackson, as the "best shooter in the world," coming into the playoffs, now the Denver Nuggets will reluctantly agree. 


The NBA has undergone a transformation of sorts over the past five years, as defenses have elected to more often clog heavy in the lane and force offenses to hit jumpers, so more than ever a pure jump shot is a valuable asset.  

With Stephen Curry making noise this season breaking three point shooting records, and carrying his team to the upset win over the Nuggets in the first round, the discussion of who is the "best jump shooter in the world" is a point of many analysts, and pundits conversations.  We compiled a list of who we believe to be the best jump shooters putting in work in the NBA today

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